About Us

Our Story

Once upon a time, there were two fun and adventurous women. One is a brunette, one a blonde and their sidekick
Stella a French Bulldog, was always at their side.  While traveling they always tour local wineries for sipping, pouring and buying. They drank so much wine they needed to start making their own.

Bad Bitch Cellars started one wine fueled night in a hot tub after another 15 hour work day. The brunette in the corporate sales world and the blonde in the house flipping business.

Bad Bitch Cellars is a woman owned Boutique Winery. We source grapes, juice and skins from local vines from the California and Washington Wine Region. All steps are taken- fermentation, bottling, corking, foiling, labeling and of course drinking!

We want to share our passion and love of beautiful wine with all the wine lovers out there. We are not afraid of a little drama.  Cheers!

Where’s Stella? Stella is always on the cork and the label.


The Bad Bitch

This little princess is Stella, our French Bulldog. Born 8-23-04, she crossed the rainbow bridge on 5-8-17. Stella was the Alpha-aka (Bitch) in the pack. Always the boss, she was known to take the lead with dogs as large as German Shepard's. 

If she wasn’t sleeping, she would greet our customers and do a little patrolling of the property. While napping, she would dream of being in the Wine Book of Dog’s, because she was very competitive like her Mamma.  You will find Stella on every Bad Bitch Cellars cork, our logo and hidden on labels here and there…

She is dearly missed at the Winery. Stella will forever be the name sake for Bad Bitch Cellars she cannot be replaced.